Writer and mental health advocate Sabine NLD Bittle at home

A creative spirit who finds her home in art, in writing, in film. In telling the stories that bring us home.

Photo credit: Jakob Owens


A piece I wrote about depression and suicide … because people should know the nightmare won’t last forever.


Because art is my way to find healing, to find light amongst the fractures and the broken spaces.

Photo credit: Chantelle Horn, Crave Photography


A short magical realism film I wrote and directed about two sisters who find a flicker of magic in the world.

Photo credit: Kris Mikael Krister


A short film I wrote, bringing awareness to the plastic pollution in our oceans and the creatures who are being choked in their own homes.

A Deliciously Dark Music Video

An award-winning music video for BLVD HYNNY that I wrote the original story concept for.

I found something deeply sensual in this solo track by my exquisitely gifted friend Cito. There was a darkness, a yearning, something bordering on the tormented … and when he asked me to create something visual for it, it evoked in my mind a mythical creature of the night, dark and mysterious, alluringly dangerous and rooted in eternal torment.

This is Nocturnes by Blvd Hvnny.

Music and Lyrics by Cito
Produced by Craigie Dodds @craigiedodds and Blvd Hvnny
Starring Bianca Blanc
Director: Bradley Devine
Director of Photography: Gavin Pincus
Production Designer: Alison Martin
Final cut/Online Editor/VFX: Jarred Beaton
Colorist: Matthew Tapson
Make up/Hair: Donique Leonard
Offline/Assembly editor: Francois Smit
First Draft VFX: Hofmeyr Smit
First draft Colorist: Rowan Cloete
Original Story Concept by Sabine Bittle
Gear hire: Media Film Service JHB
Wardrobe and Props: Hollywood Costumes
Location: Ponte City Apartments – Facilitated by Dlala Nje
Song available on all digital platforms