Profile image of writer and mental health advocate Sabine NLD Bittle

Writer, mental health advocate, artist, occasional filmmaker and published ghostwriter obsessed with the story of who we are … and who we could be.

Because we could be anything.

I’ve seen how words can shape us, heal us, move us, bring us home. I’ve seen how art can do the same. And sometimes so much more. Bypassing our minds and reaching deep into our souls. Sometimes saying it without words has more power. And I believe there is place for both. For writing and for art. In all their magnificent forms. But at heart, I am more writer than anything else.

‘What kind of writing do you do?’ they ask me when they hear that I’m a writer.

I’m in my total element when I’m writing about healing, and especially about mental health, in blogs, books, and articles, writing for the screen, writing for radio. Writing from one human heart to another. Whether it’s my story, or I’m helping someone else tell theirs.

But mostly, it’s when I’m expressing some kind of beautiful truth. For the last few years, I’ve been telling my own stories about living with bipolar in The Healing Journey Of A Mad Woman, and it makes me feel like I’m making a little difference in the world.

I see that as bringing people home.