I love the collaboration of filmmaking. There’s such magic in it. Especially the way every player brings the creativity to greater heights, transforming it into something it could never be with just one imagination. I’m always so thrilled and so deeply honoured whenever I get to be part of this kind of storytelling. Here are some of my favourites …

I loved writing the original story concept for this award-winning, deliciously dark music video for BLVD HYNNY.

Award-winning music video for solo artist BLVD HYNNY.

The incredible filmmaker Jacques Crafford turned to me to edit the script of his deeply personal story for this award-winning film about letting go and finding the beauty on our own doorstep.

I’m Not Adventurous – This Is South Africa

A short brand film I wrote about the plastic pollution in our oceans, the creatures who are being choked in their own homes, and the heroes that we can be.

Be a hero to the oceans, a short film for RanMarine by The Planet Calls

An award-winning documentary film I wrote about a solo kayaker Andrew Kellett’s inspiring bond with a river after almost he almost drowned.

Going Solo, Andrew Kellett’s story of survival and his love for nature – with filmmaker Ant Hoard

Another wild and beautiful call back to nature, a brand film I wrote for Capestorm.

Step Outside, a brand film for Capestorm with filmmaker Jacques Crafford

Because when you don’t have time for a short film, you watch the trailer!

In Light Of Is trailer

A short indie film I wrote and directed about two sisters who find a flicker of magic in the world.

In Light Of Is, our short film starring Taryn Sudding and Thandi Puren